Discover The Unique “Storyselling” Methods We Use To Multiply Sessions, Conversions, And Revenue On Amazon Listings

If you pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you - you’ll learn how to quickly increase your Amazon sales by 30%, 40%, and possibly EVEN more.

How? Well...

Think of all the great brands in history.

Apple. Tesla. Even Amazon itself.

What do all of these companies have in common? They were able to create a strong brand story that connected with their prospects hopes, dreams, and fears and moved them to action through the messages they presented.

It’s how every truly great company transforms everyday items like “phones” and “cars” into must-have bestsellers that customers will line up miles for.

The truth is, you can have that too in your Amazon store – but only if you know how to “pull the right levers” in your customer’s brain. Don’t worry – I’ll cover that shortly.

If you look through the Amazon marketplace, you’ll notice there are countless stores and brands.

Some of these look like generic listings that you see daily. They don’t say much of anything, and what they DO say leaves you feeling uninspired… maybe even bored.

Once in a while, however, there’s a listing that crafts a strong, emotionally compelling case for choosing them over the competition.

These are the brands that pay attention to the hopes, dreams, and fears of their respective markets.

They know their prospects better than they know themselves.

And because of that, they can effectively write copy that controls their prospects like puppets.

Done right, you can multiply your sales revenue and sessions - without having to spend boatloads of money on Ad Spend. In just a minute I’ll show you exactly how we do this.

At Ignite - We’re Industry Leading Influencers Who Have Our Finger On The Pulse Of The Market

We’re the power behind thousands of Amazon stores in countless industries.
For example, here’s a few products we’ve created content for in the past…

Lifeboost coffee
Before working with us, Lifeboost’s dark roast coffee converted 18.15% of their sessions into customers. We changed their listing copy, took professional photos, and wrote compelling EBC / A+ content, turning the page into a visually beautiful, emotionally compelling conversion-oriented listing. After working with us for 30 days, they were able to increase their conversions to 27.39%. They turned more of their sessions into actual paying customers.
Lifeboost coffee
Burlingham's Insoles for Women

Burlingham’s insoles went from a 22.09% conversion rate to 28.34% and increased revenue by 37.5% in 30 days. We rewrote the copy, produced professional photographs, and created EBC / A+ content. Now they’re enjoying the perks of having a profitable listing. They’re ranking higher in organic search results and seeing more sales coming in every month.

Burlingham's Insoles for Women
Prac Medic Bags EpiPen Case

Prac Medic Bag’s EpiPen Case converted 12.07% of sessions into sales before we optimized their content. 90 days after working with us, they increased their conversion rate to 26.89% and saw a large increase in sales. We created emotionally compelling content that made their target audience buy from them instead of the competition. That’s why they’re producing more sales and revenue now than they ever have before.

Prac Medic Bags EpiPen Case
We measure our results either at the end of a 30 period or a 90 day period – depending on what services you order.

But you can reasonably expect your product listings to perform profitably for years at a time.

Just think – two, three, four years from now you could have a significant increase in the sessions on your listing…

…the conversion rate of sessions into sales…

…and the revenue you bring in every single month.

All from a one time investment.

And it doesn’t matter what stage of your business you’re in...

We work with three types of clients:

People who are brand new to Amazon and need a listing for the very first time
Listings that are trailing in conversions and suffering
Well performing listings that want to have elevated success. Just look at Foot cure’s nail fungus treatment.
Foot Cure Nail fungus treatment

This listing was already performing well before we wrote it’s copy! However, there were a few opportunities for improvement. We built highly detailed and authoritative EBC / A+ content and took excellent photographs that are attractive to users and communicate the product value quickly. And 30 days after working with us they saw a 50% increase in sessions and converted 66.83% of their sessions into sales. Now they’re doing $600,000 in revenue a MONTH and continue to grow and expand. They’re the #1 bestseller in their category with over 8,000 reviews.

That’s right…through the power of optimized copy, EBC / A+ content, great photography, and more, we’re able to transform listings to not only improve your conversions and sales but to increase your sessions as well…

Here are some more success stories who have seen a dramatic increase in sessions organically:

Grace Kitchenwares had an 8% conversion rate and in 30 days increased it to 30.6%. Their sessions increased from 75 to 2209.
Note Hut increased their conversion rate from 4.35% to 12.24% and increased their sessions to 886 from only 46.
Kitchenspree’s conversion rate went from 27.78% to 33.65% and saw their sessions increase from 54 to 1272.

Imagine having a beautiful, detailed listing that speaks to your customer’s dreams… and converts more of them into paying customers.

That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you hire us to optimize your Amazon listings.

But not everyone knows how to do this...

Have you ever wondered, as we did when we first started writing product listings, what makes the difference between a listing that consistently sells every single day – breaking records and sales goals…

And a listing that gets a handful of sessions every month, but only sells a few hundred dollars in inventory?
We’ve discovered the #1 factor behind the success of your listing. Get this right and you’ll have sustained sales for years.

Here’s The Secret Behind Our Success

Product selection is important…

Ads help for sure…

But the REAL reason these products thrived is because we tapped into the deepest hopes, dreams, and fears of the prospects. And we use a story-based approach to speak to them.

We use titles, bullet points, videos, EBC/A+ content, and emotionally compelling storytelling to sell the product AND build a strong, successful brand.

When that happens you’re able to sell on an instinctual level.

Here’s what I mean…

The brain is composed of three core layers.
The Amygdala (the deepest level) is responsible for desire, instinct, and the “fight or flight” response in the brain.
The Limbic brain creates emotions and must be emotionally satisfied before any purchasing decision can be made. This is where the purchase is made.
The Frontal Cortex, the “top” of the brain, is the logical part of the brain. Once we’re emotionally satisfied and have made the decision to buy - the logical side of the brain needs to “sign off” and approve it.
Most Amazon sellers try to sell “logically.”

They give a brief description of the product with some facts and call it a day.

Then they wonder WHY their conversion rates are so low… and they’re getting a lot of visitors but not many sales.

That’s not how human beings make buying decisions.

Decisions are made emotionally and must be backed up by logic. If at any point the prospect feels that their emotions aren’t being met or they’re “bored” they instantly flee the page. And you’ve lost a sale…


If you can create an attractive listing title that grabs the visitor…

Have beautiful, breathtaking photos that illustrate the product in use…

Write exceptionally well written copy that taps into their fears, hopes, and dreams…

Design beautiful, convincing EBC / A+ content that features the main benefits of your product…

And create an emotional bond with your prospect…

You’ll run laps around the competition.

Let’s look at Lifeboost Coffee. We optimized their listing, took incredible product photography, and produced stellar EBC / A+ content.

That’s right…through the power of optimized copy, EBC / A+ content, great photography, and more, we’re able to transform listings to not only improve your conversions and sales but to increase your sessionsaThe first thing the prospect notices is the listing title: “Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Coffee Dark Roast – Low Acid Single Origin USDA Organic Coffee – Non-GMO Whole Bean Coffee Third Party Tested For Mycotoxins & Pesticides – 12 Ounces”

They understand right away what the value proposition is – delicious, whole bean dark roast coffee that’s free of toxins and is non-gmo.

To non-coffee drinkers that may seem confusing – but serious coffee drinkers care where their coffee comes from, what’s in their coffee, and what “flavor” the coffee is (this particular blend is “dark roast”).

When we speak to the desires of the audience and ALSO write copy that helps Amazon understand who we’re trying to reach, we’re getting the attention of the right customers and positioning ourselves to be a category leader.

We know the exact keywords to target and the right way to phrase our title so we can please the algorithm and get more sessions on our listings.

Throughout Lifeboost’s listing we tell a story of how the coffee is ethically sourced in the mountains of Nicaragua. We get them imagining how the coffee is farmed and hand picked. as well…

However, photos are just as important as text. The old saying is true – “Pictures are worth a thousand words.”

Humans are visual creatures – so we took photos of the coffee in natural environments. Many images showcase the product being poured in a coffee mug with the steam rising up.

There’s a very specific reason we did this …

We want people to imagine themselves drinking the coffee and enjoying the rich, bold flavor. Studies have shown that images actually trigger our sense of smell. When we see a photo with a familiar scent, our brain “smells it” according to Michigan Ross Professor Aradhna Krishna

“Scents are used often for personal hygiene products like perfume or deodorant, but we find that food marketers are missing out,” she says. “Even if you can’t embed the smell of a food in the ad, like scent marketers do with a scratch-and-sniff, merely asking consumers to imagine what the food smells like, along with a strong visual, can be very effective.”

So now the prospect is smelling the coffee in their mind … visualizing themselves drinking it … and has a detailed vivid picture of where it came from…

The EBC / A+ content hits it home. The paragraphs and pictures buildup greater desire and build belief that the product is right for them.

We tell the prospect how the coffee is perfect for people who have teeth issues, sensitive stomachs, and deal with digestive discomfort. Lifeboost coffee is the perfect solution because it has very low acidity.

Acids degrade teeth, damage stomach lining, and cause digestive discomfort.

We break down the false belief that “If I drink this coffee, I will experience health problems” directly using a short and compelling story about how the coffee is produced.

We identified all the beliefs that the audience has. We dedicate each section of the EBC / A+ content to shattering one belief.

By the time the prospect gets to the very end, they’re left with the overwhelming need to order Lifeboost coffee.
In doing so, we don’t just build up the value of the product – we communicate the values and impact the entire Lifeboost brand will have on their life.

When you build up a compelling brand with effective messaging, increasing the number of sales on your listing becomes effortless.

You’ll be able to produce record-breaking months at will.

Great reviews will pour in because of all the new customers you’ll have.

And Amazon will identify you as a bestseller and put you at the top of the search results.

That’s the power of compelling copywriting… 

And it works for EBC / A+ content, listing copy, videos, and so much more. The stronger your listing and more emotionally compelling your individual elements are, the more likely you are to turn a session into a sale.

Imagine having the power to improve your conversion rates, sessions, and sales at will.

Ignite makes the possible – we’ll partner with you to ensure that you’re maximizing the potential of all of your listings.

Work with us and you’ll never leave money on the table again.

Ignite Creates Winning Product Listings With Precise Accuracy

But you’ll need to spend tens of thousands of dollars and many hours a week studying from the best copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, and video editors in the world…

In the process you’ll have many costly errors. You’ll spend many months and years improving through trial and error.

Eventually, you’ll become great after many tedious months or years without higher conversion rates, sessions, and sales.

Because writing great Amazon listings is both an art and science that takes years to grasp and decades to master.

Instead of trying to learn it all yourself, and spending months or years getting it right - tap into OUR team of professional Amazon sellers who have mastered writing copy for Amazon and watch as your sales and revenue climb higher every month.

We’ll give you access to our team of seasoned industry experts, who have more than 30 years in combined experience optimizing product detail pages on Amazon, at an affordable price.

These veterans of photography, graphic design, video production, and content creation professionals have worked with more than 600 International brands, many of which represent the Top 1% of Amazon Sellers.

Simply Select The Service That Is Right For You

Every product is unique… that’s why we have different services to meet your needs.

Here’s the list of products to choose from:

Whether you need your listing optimized, photography or video produced, or an EBC written to sell more of your product, Ignite has what you need.

You’ll have the perfect Amazon listing that increases sessions, conversion rates, and sales.
Tell us what service you’re ordering, how many listings you’re optimizing for, add them to the cart, and order now so our expert production team can begin producing your high-converting listing today.

How Long Will Each Service Take?

To gauge the Estimated Delivery Date of each service, please refer to these approximate ETA’s for each package, which will commence from the starting date i.e. The date the Intake Form is approved/reviewed by us and the product has been received if your package includes shipping:

Listing Copy
5-10 Business Days
EBC/A+ Content Design
10-12 Business Days
Product Photography
(Without Infographics)
7-10 Business Days
Product Photography
(With Infographics)
10-15 Business Days from receipt of merchandise
Product Photography
10-12 Business Days from receipt of merchandise
Studio Video
10-12 Business Days from receipt of merchandise
Lifestyle Video
25-30 Business Days from Receipt of Product
Advanced (Listing Optimization and Photography)
10-15 Business days from receipt of merchandise
Expert Infographics (With Listing Optimization)
10-14 Business Days
Expert EBC (With Listing Optimization)
10-15 Business Days
Pro Listing Optimization Photos (With Photography, EBC & Listing Optimization)
15-20 Business days from receipt of merchandise
Pro Listing Optimization Video (With Product Explainer Video, EBC & Listing Optimization)
25-30 Business days from receipt of merchandise
Elite Optimization (With Product Explainer Video, Photography, EBC & Listing Optimization)
25-30 Business days from receipt of merchandise

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