Advanced Listing Optimization
(Listing Copy & Product Photography)

53% of Amazon shoppers feel that product photos are more important than reviews. And there’s an important reason why…

Because great product photography, when used properly, can tell them more about the product than any description or review ever could.

We trust our eyes. They’re responsible for the bulk of how we view the world around us.

So when we can get a clear image of what a product is … and what it looks like … we can quickly determine if it’s a fit for what we need.

More than that, photos communicate the brand image quicker, easier, and more effectively than text.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t create excellent product titles, descriptions, and bullet points… it means we need to focus just as much on product photography as the listing copy.

If you can master both photography and stellar listing copywriting, you’ll be able to convince and convert far more shoppers into paying customers than you ever thought was possible.

Imagine having an attractive, compelling title that clearly explains the value proposition of your product…

And aesthetically pleasing photos that showcase the product so shoppers can see exactly what they’re getting… or how it looks in its natural environment…

Plus, emotionally driven bullet points and a description that hit the main pain points of your target audience and address their deepest fears, hopes, and dreams and promise that your product can give them a happier, brighter future.

Here’s how we did that with Prairie Rose’s Highly Competitive Vegan Hand Soap And Body Cleanser, increasing their sessions by a staggering 43% in under 90 days while significantly boosting their sales.

We started by crafting the perfect Title:

A customer, searching for organic soap, can clearly see what the brand is offering and what the main value proposition is… it’s an organic soap that’s completely vegan, crafted in the USA, and one that has a vanilla lemon zest scent.
Then we worked our magic on the photos.
Customers who visit the listing see the bottle of soap in action next to sinks, youthful women using the soap and washing their hands with it.
To get potential customers imagining the lemon scent we even placed lemons around the bottle as studies have shown that when you show customers pictures of a scented item, it helps them imagine the smell of a product.

This simple technique alone has helped us improve conversion rates for our clientele in the past, turning more of their sessions into sales.

But with Prairie rose’s optimization, we went further. You’ll notice that throughout the bullet points and description we focused on the main desires of their audience: Feel, scent, look of their skin, and sensitivity to ingredients.
Observe how we used words like “luxurious” and “refreshing.”

These words create an emotional state in the mind of their ideal customer, leading them to buy Prairie Rose’s products.

In a sense, we’re appealing to the very identity of who they are.

They love luxury. They crave a refreshing soap that restores their hands, unlike so many that leave skin feeling dry and irritated.

In the description we also address their fears, hopes, and concerns and position the soap to be the way they achieve their desired state – fresh smelling, restored, clean hands… all with the use of vegan ingredients.

Prairie Rose Isn’t Alone..Here’s More Examples of Brands That Have Seen Success With Our Listing Copy and Photography Service

Each of the Brands below have seen their conversions jump significantly after we rewrote their listing copy and created beautiful product photosets for them that highlighted exactly what their customers would get.
(click to enlarge and browse our samples)
Went from 8.96% to 16.33%
in Under 30 days
Went from 9.09% to 15.54%
in Under 30 days
Went from 7.14% to 19.06%
in Under 30 days

and now it’s time for us to help you too!

Order Your Advanced Photography Package Today And Start Telling A Stronger Brand Story

With our Advance Photo Package, you’ll be able to increase your organic ranking, boost your ROI, drive repeat purchases and get more clicks on your images than ever before.

We’ll make sure your listing is poised to compete against some of Amazon’s biggest brands.

Every Advanced package purchased includes:

Expert Produced Listing Copy

Proprietary keyword research

Competitive research

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Highly Informative And Aesthetically Pleasing Product Photography
EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

10 Professionally edited photos of your product

Solo shots of your product against a white background, contextual shots, hand shots and stock photography.

A Contextual environment i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Garden, Public Park and/or Public Street (You choose one).

Hand shots i.e. Adult Male or Female hands.

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Image section, 4-panel icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.​

4 infographics with optimized copy and custom-designed Icons (part of the 10 Final Photos)

All-inclusive licensing – Legal rights to use the Photos outside Amazon – On websites/social media etc

1 Revision Round To Make Sure The Listing Is PERFECT
1 Revision Round with a limit of 3 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design.​

Limit of 5 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design.

All for only


You’ll get beautiful, professionally taken photographs and skillfully written copy known for driving more sessions into sales, allowing you to reach your business goals faster and more efficiently.

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Important Notes

This Service Will Take 10-15 Business Days To Complete from Receipt of merchandise

You will need to ship props that you want to showcase alongside your product.

Each Advanced Listing Optimization Package Purchased is for 1 Parent Asin only.

For Product Variations or Child Asins i.e. Color, Size, Material, Ingredients et
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