Elite Listing Optimization
(Listing Copy, Product Photography, Product Explainer (Studio) Video & EBC/A+ Content)

If you can combine optimized copy …

Great product photography …

A Product explainer video that showcases the best features and benefits of your product…

And EBC/A+ content that eliminates objections …

You’ll have the ultimate listing that effortlessly increases your sessions and conversion rate on Amazon.

Imagine rapidly increasing your paid and organic sessions by 50%60% or even up to 70%

You’ll drive your PPC costs down because your product would rank high naturally and be optimized for Sponsored Video ads.

You’ll put more money in your pocket as your order rate will increase and so will your conversion rate.

Amazon’s algorithm will push your product in front of potential customers because it will believe your product is the best fit for them and deserves to be their first choice.

And finally your listing would become a powerhouse of reviews and testimonials, cementing your status as an Alpha player in your category.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well it isn’t…when you order the Elite Listing Optimization package from Ignite, these are the results you can expect. 

Our Elite Listing Optimization package combines:
So you can construct a listing with the 4 most vital pillars of success in this industry and rise past your competition to build a business that not only stands the test of time, but one that allows you to live a life of complete financial freedom.

That’s right...We’ll Fast Track Your Growth In A Few Simple Steps


First, we’ll identify exactly who your target market is, what keywords you need to rank for and how we can best position your brand or product in the marketplace.


We’ll then write an extremely attractive title that’s benefit and feature driven to pull shoppers in and speak to their pain points.


Next we’ll create a video that you can place on your listing and use in your sponsored ads to highlight the very best parts of your product, and develop photography that shows your product in its natural environment.

Our end goal is to help your shoppers visualize and imagine themselves using your product … Once they start to picture how their everyday life will be better and more fulfilling because of it, you’ve already in theory won the sale.


But to improve your chances even further, we’ll speak to their deepest hopes, dreams, and fears in the bullets too.

If you can create a strong emotional argument for why they should buy from you, it’s easy to logically back that up.

And that’s the secret behind cementing a sale.


Finally, we’ll implement our objection-busting EBC/A+ content to build trust, respect, and rapport between your brand and the potential customer.

EBC is a great tool to convert buyers who are still on the fence about buying your product. Unlike the bullets in your listing, it visually speaks to their pain, pointing them to a better future with easy to read and digestible infographic banners that make the sale almost inevitable.

Here’s How We Used This Winning Combination to Increase the Sessions on Foot Cure’s Nail Fungus Treatment listing by 48% and drive orders up to 15,000+ in less than 30days.

We crafted a listing that calls out the main benefits of the product and pain points in the title…

A potential customer searching for a Nail Fungus Treatment that can repair damaged and broken nails, stop fungal growth, and reinvigorate discolored nails will naturally think it’s exactly what they need and click through to the listing to learn more.

Once they’re on the listing they’ll see a product explainer video highlighting the best features and benefits of the product in a summarized and simplistic way, so they understand what they’re getting. how the product will solve their problems and how it differs from competitors.

*Custom 40 Second Video

We then used product photography to our advantage to get shoppers to imagine themselves using the product and visualize it solving their problems. 

Through each image we build a case for why they should buy from us, highlighting the product’s unique selling factors and value.

For example, we communicate the product’s quality, therapeutic and organic ingredients by showcasing it in a forest like environment surrounded by flowers, herbs and spices.
(click to enlarge and browse our samples)

Do images like these actually matter? Science says absolutely.

A few years back, eBay commissioned a study on the impact images have on product listings. They wanted to know if great images truly make a difference on conversions.

Here’s what the report says in summary…

“Our results show positive evidence that images help increase a buyer‘s attention, trust and conversion rate. Among the three properties of images, our study shows that increasing the number of images of the product, which is equivalent to providing a more complete visual representation of the product, is an effective way to improve sell-through.”

That’s exactly why we feature as many high quality photographs and infographics in the listings we optimize, as possible and it’s why we provide 10 Final Images with each Product Photography set we complete.

We know that great imagery evokes a strong emotional response, holistically raising the value of a brand in the mind of a shopper. 

But shoppers want to read about products they’re browsing through as well.

So for Foot cure”s Extra Strong Nail Fungus Treatment we wrote a keyword rich listing copy that creates an emotional case for why shoppers need to buy a nail fungus treatment kit right now (this means pointing them to the brighter, better, hope-filled future) while also making a logical case for why they should purchase from Foot cure over the competition.

Look at this bullet point from the listing …

We start with a call to action – “SAVE YOURSELF THE EMBARRASSMENT” and paint a future that has them living a more comfortable life, being able to wear whatever shoes they want, and showing off their toes without fear of judgement.

That’s an emotional sales argument!

And it’s easy to get any shopper to agree that it makes logical sense.

The listing then continues with EBC / A+ content below – that has one specific purpose:

To identify what a potential customer needs to believe in order to buy this product …

Every paragraph, image, and idea is designed to build absolute conviction that the product is right for them.

Here’s one of the EBC / A+ content sections …

Many customers worry that their products aren’t natural or may contain harmful ingredients. So we address the concern head on.
By doing this and showing the ingredients in the product, we’re proving that Foot cure aligns with the values of its target market- and that raises the chances that a shopper will order from them instead of a competitor.
Foot Cure isn’t alone... Our Elite Listing Optimization package has put dozens of brands on the map.
This is the package of choice for the Top 1% of Amazon Sellers like Green Gobbler, Peach Care, Original Stationery, Dental Duty, Everbeam, Daily Remedy, National Geographic (the list goes on)!

Order Your Elite Optimization Today And In 15-20 Business Days We’ll Transform Your Listing Into A Category King:

Every Elite Optimization package ordered comes with:
Expert Produced Listing Copy

Expert proprietary keyword research

Competitive research

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Title, bullet points, back end keywords, subject matter.

Highly Informative And Convincing EBC/A+ Modules
EBC Copy written around your product and brand

EBC Copy written around your product and brand

EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Image section, 4-panel icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.​

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Benefit Driven Image section, 4-panel Feature Driven icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Keywords for your Product Description section

An Informative and Visually Delightful Product Explainer Video:

A 20-30 sec Unboxing/Simplistic Use Video

Ideal for Sponsored Video ads/General Product Overview

A White or Black Backdrop in a professional studio

Background music

Text Overlays of product features / benefits

HD rotating product shots and closeups

Full Faced Actor or Actress

Aesthetically Pleasing Product Photography
EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

10 Professionally edited photos of your product

Solo shots of your Product against white background, contextual shots, Simplistic use hand shots and stock photography.

A Contextual environment i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Garden, Public Park and/or Public Street (You choose one).

Hand shots i.e. Adult Male or Female hands.

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Image section, 4-panel icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.​

4 Infographics with Optimized Copy and Custom-designed Icons (part of the 10 final photos).

All-inclusive licensing - Legal rights to use the Photos outside Amazon - On websites/social media etc.

1 Revision Round To Make Sure The Listing Is PERFECT
1 Revision Round with a limit of 3 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design.​

1 Revision Round with a limit of 5 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design

All for only


That’s a small price to pay for being unstoppable!

When you combine beautifully written copy and an effective EBC / A+ section with highly compelling photography and video…your listing is going to show up at the top every time someone searches your product category, which means more sessions, a higher probability of sales and success beyond your wildest dreams.

How to order?

In the Box Below let us know how many Elite Optimization Packages you need, add them to the cart below and click check out. 

Once you place your order, a representative will be in touch with the next steps. 

Important Notes

This Service Will Take 25-30 Business Days To Complete from Receipt of merchandise

You will have the option to swap out your Studio Video for a Lifestyle Video at an
extra charge which will be determined by your account manager, during your onboarding.

Props for your product, Voice-overs/Scripts, Child Models and/or Unique film sets are
not included in the service.

Should any of the above be required – Additional charges will be determined
on a custom basis by your account manager.

Each Pro Video Package Purchased is for 1 Parent Asin only.

For Custom requests (Video length extensions), Product Variations or Child Asins i.e. Color, Size, Material, Ingredients etc – Please fill out this form for a custom quote.