Lifestyle Product Video

There’s a simple way to boost your conversions by 40%, 50%, and sometimes even up to 85% – and it’s by creating high quality lifestyle product videos.

The kind that shows your product in action, being used, and gets your customers imagining themselves getting the benefits.

Take a look the video we made for Outdoor Berry’s high pressure shock pump:

It shows the pump preparing the bike for a bumpy ride. The benefits are visualized as the person in the video attaches and uses the pump with his mountain bike.

We can see just how easily it adds or reduces the pressure inside the bike’s shocks.

How small the pump is – it takes up little space in the backpack!

And at the end of the video, the main character is able to enjoy his ride with peace of mind. He knows that even if there were to be an issue, his trusted shock pump is there and ready to be put to use.

A Lifestyle Video Shows Shoppers What It’s Like To Become A Customer - And Sets Proper Expectations So You Have Better Reviews And Fewer Refunds

The goal of a great Lifestyle video is to sell a product. But it’s also designed to show shoppers what it’s like to become a customer.

It helps them understand what they can expect and what it’s like to use your product.

There’s a key principle in any form of sales: A confused or uncertain shopper that has questions won’t buy until all questions and uncertainty are addressed.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling shock pumps, toys, or household items.

If a shopper isn’t certain it's for them, or has questions about how your product works, the chances of getting a sale go down to nearly nothing.

But the POWER of a lifestyle video is that when done right, it can eliminate the majority of concerns or questions.

In the case of Outdoor Berry’s shock pump, we communicate that…
All in the course of a minute.
That’s exactly why shoppers are 65% - 85% more likely to buy after seeing a compelling video … and it’s why we produce hundreds of professional videos a year for our clients.

More than just improving sales – great videos set expectations and help shoppers understand what they’re getting.

Because of this, their expectations for the product will be realistic and in turn they’ll leave better reviews and are less likely to return the product.

Hire Us To Create Your Next Lifestyle Video And Turn More Shoppers Into Paying Customers

At Ignite, our Videos have been instrumental in the success of 7-figure brands such as Explore Scientific, Original Stationery, Foot Cure and more.

For only $2,797 you can have the perfect lifestyle video too.

That’s right! Our Lifestyle Video Package comes with a variety of inclusions that make it far more superior and conversion optimized than any other service provider in the industry.

From customized graphic icons to complementary copy - You will receive a direct upload file, containing:

A 45-60 sec Product in Action Video


A Custom Set Location (Home Interior/Outdoor)


Background music


Text overlays of product features/benefits


HD rotating product shots and closeups


Full Faced Actor or Actress

1 Revision Round with unlimited Feedback

1 Revision Round on Graphic Design/Text Overlays Only

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Important Notes

This Service Will Take 25-30 Business Days to Complete from the Date we Receive your Merchandise

Props for your product, Voice-overs, Scripts, Live animals, Vehicles, Child Models and/or Unique film sets are not included in the service. Should any of the above be required – Additional charges will be determined on a custom basis by your account manager.

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