Pro Listing Optimization Photos
(Listing Copy , Product Photography &
EBC/A+ Content)

The average Amazon shopper only reads about 20% of the words on a listing…
but they view and process nearly every image.

That’s why your listings - even well-optimized ones - need to have incredible photography and graphics with detailed, emotionally compelling text mixed in.

Imagine this…

Your Title grabs a shopper’s attention and gets them thinking “this may be perfect for me!”

So they click on your listing and see beautiful, detailed images of your product in action.

They visualize themselves using it… and begin to think “Wow! They put a lot of time and effort into making their brand stand out… I bet they put this much effort into their product as well.”

So they read the bullet points – rich with benefits that point to a brighter future – and further believe the product is the right fit for them…

They’re then faced with your aesthetically pleasing EBC / A+ content – optimized to capture mobile sales as well (after all, over 40% of Amazon shoppers buy from their phones).

And in your EBC / A+ content, you’ve toppled every false belief they have… leaving them with the overwhelming need to buy now.

Do you think you’d win the sale?

We certainly do. History has proven it time and time again.

Compelling copy, excellent product photography, and EBC / A+ content that tears down resistance is the ultimate combination for success on Amazon.

That’s why we’ve bundled these three services together to give you the advantage over your competition.

Here’s a look at how we increased the order rate and sessions for NuVItality’s Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules by 50% using a winning combination of EBC, Photography and Listing Copy.

You’ll notice that the title of the listing showcases the big benefit, and the end desire their target audience wants…
Right away, we set this product apart from everything else.

Most supplements talk about their features – we highlighted the main benefit prominently instead.

Inside the listing, we also showcased photos of the product with its features and benefits written across them, along with visual depictions of the product in use by its target audience, people in their 50’s and 60’s.

Then in the bullet points we spoke about the main product attributes Nuvitality’s audience cares about, this time, in more detail.

For example, here’s one of them…

See how that’s different than simply saying “Product contains Lion’s Mane”…
We expanded upon the core benefits of Lion’s Mane…

So when shoppers, who are searching for solutions to pain points like memory loss etc, come across this listing, they begin to think “That’s exactly what I need!”

And even if they aren’t immediately convinced the product is the right fit for them, as they scroll down the listing, they’ll be met with the EBC / A+ content we tactfully designed…

Content laced with graphics and images of their ideal self with Nuvitality’s Lion’s Mane supplement…

Plus, EBC Copy that is specifically written to overcome all the objections they have.

For example, in one of the EBC sections we mentioned that there are…

Many supplements do have harmful ingredients inside them… so we knew that for Nuvitality’s Lion’s Mane we needed to establish the safety and superiority of the supplement, especially given their target audience and their age range.

That being said, sometimes the objection or concern isn’t with the product, but with shoppers themselves…

Oftentimes with mood altering supplements, Shoppers want confirmation that they won’t feel anxious, stressed or agitated and that the ingredients in the capsules are actually engineered to supply vital nutrients that lead to better health and greater emotional control.

Thus, we made sure to communicate that as well in the EBC:

Observe how we focus on how the shopper feels … and how it can directly help them. 

We’re addressing a MAJOR concern for them. 

The shopper is thinking “Will this actually help me relax and battle my stress? I need something to help me unwind… “

And as they continue to navigate the listing, they realize that the product, in this case Nuvitality’s Lion’s Mane Supplement, is a good fit for them – thereby dramatically increasing the odds of getting a sale.

Everything we did in Nuvitality’s listing – from the attention grabbing title to the objection eliminating EBC / A+ content – is designed to take shoppers from knowing nothing about a product to being fully convinced that it’s the right fit for them.

Every element is an “ingredient” that’s absolutely necessary to convert as many sessions into sales as possible.

And if one element was missing, they’d be missing out on the full sales potential of their product.

Nuvitality Isn’t Alone..Here’s More Examples of Brands
We’ve Worked With

Each of these Brands have had their listing rewritten for maximum impact, their products photographed to showcase their best parts, and EBC / A+ content created to prove to shoppers that their products are the perfect solution for them.
(click to enlarge and browse our samples)
Outdoor Berry
Eco Being

Eco Being’s Natural Brush Set saw it’s sessions increase by a whopping 60% in under 30 days and its orders go up by 64%.

Outdoor Berry saw its sessions increase by 43% in under 30 days and its orders go up by 65%.

This is a formula we’ve tried and tested countless times and now you have the chance to implement it too. The time has come to stop letting your competitors eat your lunch…

Order Our Listing Copy, Product Photography, And EBC / A+
Content Package Today So We Can Make Your Listing The Powerhouse It's Meant To Be.

You’ll get Professional Photos that highlight your product’s best attributes,
copy that showcases your product’s unique value proposition and EBC/A+ Content that will build your brand awareness and overcome objections.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the components of this package:
Expert Produced Listing Copy

Proprietary keyword research

Competitive research

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Highly Informative And Convincing EBC/A+ Modules
EBC Copy written around your product and brand

EBC Copy written around your product and brand

EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Image section, 4-panel icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.​

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Benefit Driven Image section, 4-panel Feature Driven icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Keywords for your Product Description section

Aesthetically Pleasing Product Photography
EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

10 Professionally edited photos of your product

Solo shots of your product against a white background, contextual shots, hand shots and stock photography.

A Contextual environment i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Garden, Public Park and/or Public Street (You choose one).

Hand shots i.e. Adult Male or Female hands.

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Image section, 4-panel icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.​

4 infographics with optimized copy and custom-designed Icons (part of the 10 Final Photos)

All-inclusive licensing – Legal rights to use the Photos outside Amazon – On websites/social media etc

1 Revision Round To Make Sure The Listing Is PERFECT
1 Revision Round with a limit of 3 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design.​

Limit of 5 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design.

All for only


This is an investment that will pay for itself in no time, earning back every penny you invested and a whole lot more as a larger chunk of your sessions rapidly turn into sales - because of your compelling listing copy and visuals!

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Important Notes

This Service Will Take 15-20 Business Days To Complete from Receipt of merchandise

You will need to ship props that you want to showcase alongside your product.

Each Advanced Listing Optimization Package Purchased is for 1 Parent Asin only.

For Product Variations or Child Asins i.e. Color, Size, Material, Ingredients etc

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