Pro listing Optimization Video
(Listing Copy, Product Explainer Video & EBC/A+ Content)

Did you know that Product Explainer Videos and EBC / A+ content are among the most effective selling tools on Amazon?

At Ignite, we work with some of the biggest brands in the marketplace and one of the perks of the job is that we’re able to pick up on trends before they become public knowledge.​

Lately we’ve noticed that a lot of 6-7 figure brands were dropping thousands of dollars to make  EBC’s and Product Explainer Videos for their listings and Sponsored ads.

These brands have realized that by combining compelling EBC/ A+ Content with a great Product explainer video you can effectively and succinctly hit your customer’s pain points, address them and leave them with no other option than to purchase from you instead of your competition.

So we’ve decided to take this discovery one step further and developed a package that not only contains a product explainer video and engaging EBC/ A+ content, but an emotionally charged listing copy optimization too.

Think about that for a minute.

A well produced video alone can raise your conversions by as much as 80%… combine that with everything else in this package and your competition won’t even stand a chance… 

You’ll see sessions rise, conversions increase, and revenue increase beyond what you thought was possible.

According to’s Infographic on Ecommerce videos, “Using short 20-30 second product videos on ecommerce sites can increase product purchases by 144 percent.”

A Video is the single most effective conversion asset you can have because you can literally use it to pull traffic to your listing via sponsored ads and to organically convert shoppers once they land on your listing.

If you don’t have a video on your listing or as part of your PPC strategy – we can guarantee that you’re not maximizing the sales potential of your listing and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

But video isn’t the only important element. 

If you can merge the power of great explainer videos, optimized copy, and EBC / A+ content … you’ll have a listing capable of turning you into a category king and your competition will wonder how you overtook them in ranking.

With EBC and a well written Listing title, you can capture a significant share of Mobile users. Over 50% of Amazon’s sales take place on Mobile.

And your title is the first thing a mobile user sees in their buying journey, while great EBC / A+ content stands out beautifully on phones (before your bullets). It can take a decent listing with average conversion rates and turn it into a top sales performer.

Here’s How We Optimized Daily Remedy’s Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Thought Provoking Copy, An Explainer Video and EBC - Increasing their sessions by a whopping 52% and their number of orders by an unprecedented 48% from 9,769 in October 2020 to 19,105 in January 2021.

We created a listing that calls out the main problems and pain points in the title…

A potential customer searching for a foot soak that can eliminate odors, soften calluses, and soothe feet will naturally think it’s exactly what they need and click through to the listing to learn more.

Once they’re on the listing they’ll see a product explainer video highlighting the best features and benefits of the product in a summarized and easily digestible way, so they understand what they’re getting. how the product will solve their problems and how it differs from competitors. 

*Custom 40 Second Video

We then create an emotional case for why they need to buy from us in the bullets (this means pointing them to the brighter, better, hope-filled future) while also making a logical case for the sale.

Look at this bullet point from the listing…
We start with the benefit – “Soothe And Smooth Tired, Achy Feet” and paint a future that has them spending less money, nourishing their feet, and getting a daily pampering without ever leaving the house.
That’s an emotional sales argument!

And it’s easy to get a shopper to agree that it makes logical sense.

The listing continues with EBC / A+ content below – that has one specific purpose:

To identify what a potential customer needs to believe in order to buy this product...
Every paragraph, image, and idea is designed to build absolute conviction that the product is right for them.
Here’s one of the EBC / A+ content sections…
Many customers worry that their products aren’t natural or may contain harmful ingredients. So we address the concern head on.

By doing this and showing the ingredients in the product, we’re proving that Daily Remedy aligns with the values of their target market – and that raises the chances that a shopper will order from them instead of a competitor. 

Daily Remedy Isn’t Alone..Here’s More Examples of
Brands We’ve Worked With

Each of these brands have had their listing rewritten for maximum impact, their EBC / A+ content created to prove to shoppers that their product is the perfect solution for them, and product explainer studio videos recorded to showcase the best features and benefits of their product. 

Cable Center Co.

*Custom 50 Second Video

Luvit Shiatsu Massager

*Custom 60 Second Video

And the results speak for themselves – Luvit’s Shiatsu Massager is now ranking organically on the 1st page of it’s main keyword “Shiatsu Massager” while Cable Center Co’s Electrician Scissors is dominating its competition on the 1st page of its main keyword “Electrician Scissors”.

With our tried and tested formula, you can see your conversions increase by 20-30%, sometimes even more, you can experience huge climbs in your sessions and order rates like Daily Remedy and most importantly you can finally gain the financial freedom you want and live out your potential without the hassle of figuring out Amazon’s algorithm and your ideal target market’s needs on your own.

Order Our Listing Copy, Product Explainer Video, And EBC / A+ Content Package Now And You Will Get:

Expert Produced Listing Copy

Expert proprietary keyword research

Competitive research

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Title, bullet points, back end keywords, subject matter.

Highly Informative And Convincing EBC/A+ Modules
EBC Copy written around your product and brand

EBC Copy written around your product and brandv

EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Image section, 4-panel icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.​

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Benefit Driven Image section, 4-panel Feature Driven icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.

Title, bullet points, product description, back end keywords, subject matter.

Keywords for your Product Description section

An Informative and Visually Delightful Product Explainer Video

A 20-30 sec Unboxing/Simplistic Use Video

Ideal for Sponsored Video ads/General Product Overview

A White or Black Backdrop in a professional studio

Background music

Text Overlays of product features / benefits

HD rotating product shots and closeups

Full Faced Actor or Actress

1 Revision Round To Make Sure The Listing Is PERFECT
1 Revision Round with a limit of 3 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design.​

1 Revision Round with a limit of 5 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design

All for only


This is an investment that will pay for itself in no time, earning back every penny you invested and a whole lot more as a larger chunk of your sessions rapidly turn into sales - because of your compelling listing copy and informative Video!

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Important Notes

This Service Will Take 25-30 Business Days To Complete from Receipt of merchandise

Props for your product, Voice-overs/Scripts, Child Models and/or Unique film sets are
not included in the service.

Should any of the above be required – Additional charges will be determined
on a custom basis by your account manager.

Each Pro Video Package Purchased is for 1 Parent Asin only.

For Custom requests (Video length extensions), Product Variations or Child Asins i.e. Color, Size, Material, Ingredients etc – Please fill out this form for a custom quote.