Product Photography

There’s no faster way to communicate your brand and take control of a shopper’s attention than through stellar photography.

The kind that “wows” visitors on your Amazon listing, SHOWS your product in action … and gets them imagining using your product everyday.

Studies show that up to 75% of shoppers rely on images to make a purchasing decision.

When you use photos properly, you can get inside the mind of your ideal customer easier and convince them to choose YOU over the competition.

As Al Reis famously says “It’s better to be first in the mind than to be first in the marketplace.”

And when that happens, you’ll get the shopper emotionally involved, or as Joe Vitale says, In a “trance-like state.”

They’ll be under your control… and guiding them to the sale while you have them there becomes remarkably easy.

Visualizing A Product In Action Makes It EASY To Justify The Sale

When you hire us to do your product photography, we’ll show your product in its natural environment.

In the case of Fullbike’s bike mirrors, we show the bike mirrors in action along with the side accessories included – a cellphone holder and a USB rechargeable front light.

(click to enlarge and browse our samples)

We show the product upclose. The mirrors are on the bike as the rider, a middle-aged man, rides alongside with a friend or family member in a hilly background.

These images draw up positive emotions and help potential customers associate themselves with the product.

The customer looks at the photo of the rider on the bike with the mirror and imagines themselves in that photo. They become the central figure. They’re on the bike with a friend or a member of their family.

They’re safer, confident, and having fun … and Fullbike’s mirrors are for them.

The product makes biking fun, comfortable, and safer … with less fear of not being seen at night, dropping a phone because it isn’t secured, or not being able to clearly see traffic behind you.

We're not just selling a product ... we're selling a brighter future. The photographs we produce sell that future, and the product is just the means to get that future.

And that’s exactly how well-produced images can get sales easier and quicker than hundreds or thousands of words. Full Bike’s conversions went up by 50% in under 30 days, just from taking the sales conversation to a whole new level by getting inside their ideal customer’s head.

You can do it too. Imagine having well-produced images that gets your audience to identify with your product, visualize themselves using it, and choosing you over the next listing on Amazon.

If you can do that, do you think you’d increase your revenue?

We Help Amazon Sellers Produce Professional Grade Images So You’ll Convert More Customers And Build A Stronger Brand

No more stock images with photoshop that look awkward and out of place.

We have real contextual environments that we use for our photoshoots so your photos are aesthetically pleasing and fit the values of your brand.

And we place optimized copy and custom icons in your images too, to make them stand out from the crowd.

Having worked with thousands of Amazon stores over the last couple of years, our team fully understands what it takes to drive up clicks on images and how to structure infographics for conversions on the marketplace…

Here Are A Few Successful Examples Of Recent Photoshoots We’ve Done

(click to enlarge and browse our samples)
46% increase in Conversions
40% increase in Conversions
Outdoor Berry​
Outdoor Berry
40% increase in Conversions
67% increase in orders
Like what you see?

Hire our team of photographers, graphic designers and copywriters by booking your very own Professional Product Photography package with Ignite.

Every Product Photography package you purchase from us comes with:

EBC Design using our proven 6-part formula with your existing images

10 Professionally edited photos of your product


Solo shots of your product against a white background, contextual shots, hand shots and stock photography.


A Contextual environment i.e. Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Garden, Public Park and/or Public Street (You choose one).


Hand shots i.e. Adult Male or Female hands.

A Hero Product Banner, 4-Panel Image section, 4-panel icon section, 2 Infographic Banners and a comparison-table/cross-promotion table.​

4 infographics with optimized copy and custom-designed Icons (part of the 10 Final Photos)


All-inclusive licensing – Legal rights to use the Photos outside Amazon – On websites/social media etc

1 Revision Round with unlimited Feedback

1 Revision Round with a limit of 3 Feedback for Copy/Graphic Design only.

All for only

From: $1,697

It’s a no brainer - A single month of optimized sales with these photos will pay for this service and more.

Order Your Product Photoshoot Today

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Important Notes

This Service Will Take 10-15 Business Days to Complete from the Date we Receive your Merchandise

If your product requires specific props showcased next to it, you will need to ship them with your product.

Each Product Photoset Purchased is for 1 Parent Asin only.

If you require Photos for your Product Variations or Child Asins i.e. Color/Size/Material/Ingredient variations – Please contact us for a custom quotation.

Product Photography Add-Ons
If you require any of the below services or if your product classifies as large/ needs to be mounted, please add these relevant extras to your product photography package, accordingly:
Product Quantity

Large Product Fee


Special environment to shoot, Transportation costs, and set up and Labour fees.
*Required if Product is Larger than 40 inches either in Height/Length or Width.

$497 each

Mounting Fee


Set up fees, Labour fees, Tools and Equipment.
*Required if Product needs to be attached to a wall in a contextual environment.
*Not required if Large Product Fee is paid.

$387 each

Special Location


Lakes, Mountains, River, Gym, Beach, Spa, Office, Pub/Bar, Restaurant etc.
1 Special Location only per shoot.

$647 each

Special Handshot


Toddler, Kids or Elderly People
1 Age Group only per shoot.

$127 each

Adult Models


1 Male or Female Adult/Elderly Professional Model for 1 hour

$497 each

Child Models


1 Male or Female Toddler/Teen Model for 2 hours

$387 each

Live Pets


1 Cat or Dog (Trained) per shoot.

$387 each

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